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How to Pick the Right Plugins for Your WordPress Website (In 4 Steps)

A little bit of structure can help expedite the selection process. Below are four easy steps that you can follow to pick the right plugins for your WordPress website. Step 1: Identify Your Plugin Requirements The first step is to decide what you need from a plugin. While this may seem obvious, assessing your exact needs can be surprisingly helpful. After you’ve created a list of features you’d like, you can also try prioritizing them. This can help you focus on finding a plugin that matches your primary requirements. Many plugins have multiple uses. These tools can be time-savers, especially

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10 Reasons Your WordPress Site Will Get Hacked (and How to Stop It)

A hacked WordPress site is as damaging as having your home burgled. It can completely shatter your peace of mind and adversely impact your online business. Why do hackers target WordPress sites? The answer is relatively simple: WordPress is the single biggest platform for website creation these days, so there’s a larger base to attack; this attracts the attention of online criminals. So, how can a hack impact your website? Depending on the type of attack, your website could suffer any of the following: It could be defaced completely; It could load or operate very slowly on any device; It

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