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EOS Footwear
EOS Footwear

This is a WordPress and wooCommerce site built for the company EOS Footwear. It was built off a pre-existing design with some modifications made to the overall layout to fit on smaller devices. This site had a very heavy emphasis on the imagery and the products being used.

Apart from being a base eCommerce site, there are some customizations made to the site, firstly it has a live connection to Australia Post. What this connection does is send order information directly to the Australia Post online portal ready for a shipping slip to be printed. The client can then log in to the portal and print out the sticker for the package ready to send off.

Additional to this they also have the sizes of their product appearing in 2 formats. The user can select between AUS size and EUR size. They also have added in a ‘lookbook’ onto their site that allows their customers to look at different fashion accessories that go with shoes that they are looking to purchase.

Lastly, this site had a live connection to a custom-made accounting package. This accounting package helped maintain their stock levels, customer details and orders. We built this integration to send and receive orders, update product information and product stock levels and customer data.

This project took 2 and a half months which was slightly over schedule but there were delays in communication with the developers of the accounting package as they were located internationally.

Services Completed
CMS Integration
Custom Website Design
Custom Website Development
eCommerce Development
Payment Gateway Integration
Project Management
Responsive Development
User Experience (UX)
Key Features
Instagram integration

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