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FramedImage is an online store that sells prints of photos taken by the business owner. It allows the customer to select the frame and style for their print.

Most of this site was fairly straight forward and only required minimal amount of customization. The main alteration on the site was the custom frame selection. As the user selected or was browsing through the frames, it would update the product image to ensure they are looking at the most up to date representation of their product.

This was only challenging as the frame images weren’t really high quality so keeping the quality of the representation up was a little difficult. The site itself was built in CS-Cart with the custom frame representation being updated via jQuery.

Work was also completed on the social media and EDM aspect of the business. A Facebook and Instagram page was set up and branded to ensure there was brand recognition. Posts where also created to be placed on Facebook and Instagram to try and get the public interest in the product. This was followed up with monthly EDMs sent out to the customer database.

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