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Glenroy Calisthenics
Glenroy Calisthenics

Glenroy Callisthenics is a local Calisthenic/Dance studio that allows children to come along and learn dance choreography. The callisthenics club is not too large with about 150 students ranging from 5 to 25 years old. They perform in competitions and local concerts.

The site was built from WordPress and has a few little bits of customisation. Firstly the design is done in a simplistic format to keep the images the highlight of the site. This was done to show off the beautiful costumes and wonderful colours in the photos they had available. There was also a focus on key text and content to make sure the message and current information came across correctly.

There is a custom gallery page that allows for viewing of the images taken at particular competitions or particular dance groups. This gallery page is also connected up to Facebook via an API which allows for the auto-posting of images to their Facebook page. There is also a link between the site and Facebook to save Facebook posts to the site as blog posts. Lastly, there is a page built with instructor information, it outlines their speciality, teaching days and achievements as both teachers and part of a squad.

This site was built with the sage framework using bootstrap. It was built in WordPress with a few custom plugins in place to run the sliders and Facebook connections. The biggest difficulty was dealing with image permissions and keeping to a strict guideline of displaying and distributing images with children in them. As 90% of the students in the photos were under 18, permission had to be given by the parents to display the photos on the site and the Facebook page. It was then streaming important that we stuck to these guidelines and have the forms signed for every student and even after every competition.

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