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Universal Studios Beijing is a theme park and an additional branch in the Universal Studios theme park family. What they required was a detailed website made to facilitate the audition process for the international auditions, meaning auditions undertaken outside of Beijing.

The site was simple, it had an introduction page, roles page, audition page and materials page. The roles page would list out the roles available which ranged from character actors to stunt performers. It would detail what would be involved in the role and what they are looking for. The audition page was a form they could fill out to register for an audition and submit relevant material eg video, audio, images etc.

The whole site had to fit within very specific guidelines and a style guide provided by Universal Studios. It also had to adhere to the strict standards of Universal Studios Online and compatibility. The site also had to be built in SquareSpace as this is where the majority of their websites reside.

Building in SquareSpace made some aspects of the build difficult as we were limited to what was allowed in the platform. Elements like the popups and having the form require links and validation had to be done in a more customized way. In the end, all elements were able to be completed in a relatively quick time frame.

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