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Being the first Freelance Network Agency, we are perfectly suited to help you with any digital needs you might have from Branding, Marketing and Website Development.

Who we are and what we do

A Freelance Network Agency

We are a network of freelancers with experience in producing websites, e-commerce stores, online marketing and can provide graphic design services for all of your advertising and branding needs. We ensure that all our sites have the latest coding technology to keep your business ahead of the pack across all devices, and we ensure that your site is Search Engine Optimised (SEO), to draw in the customers and visitors most suited to you.


We build your site from scratch. Using WordPress, we build fully functional and responsive themes. Everything is custom built for your business.

Digital Design

From brand identities to printed brochures, we can design and print anything your business needs.

Marketing and Social Media

Connecting with your customers can sometimes be a minefield. We can help navigate you and set you up for success on any social platform or EDM. We can even work with you on a marketing strategy that gives you the best outcome.

Video Production

Online video is a great way to visually show your customer your product. From promotional material to step by step guides, we can help you get your video from initial concept to final release.
What we do

Development and Design

A website is like a fingerprint, it should be unique to you and easily identify with your business. We make sure that every website build is different, we custom build from the ground up to make sure your site fits your needs.

We understand the importance of designing a site for a purpose and to improve the user experience. With SpiderCat Studios, no pixel will be out of place or without reason. Your design won’t look like it came out of the box or is made from boxes. We push the design outside the box to make you stand out from the crowd.

There is nothing out of reach when it comes to website functionality. We have freelancers that have built enterprise level portals all the way down to single html pages. We have built API integrations and connections to CRMs that have helped multiple businesses grow.
You will be able to edit anything on your website at any time. If your website is frustrating to use it will impact the amount of time your user spends on the site and returns to the site. If it’s also difficult for you to update your content then you will be wasting too much time making changes and not enough on your business.

We take security very seriously which is why it’s number one on our development checklist. We can make sure that no hackers can gain access to your site or take over your site. We also offer ongoing maintenance and security reporting to make sure that your site is safe and up to date. Not only do we build sites from the ground up to ensure its secure but we also update current websites and tighten their security.

What we do

There is no project too big or small that our team can't help with, so find out how we can help you today.


Our most recent websites and marketing projects

What we do

Social Media, Marketing and Video Production

Managing your advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms can be a time consuming and painstaking process. We can take that headache away from you with our ability to manage the entire social media advertising process from one central point. We can also work with you to put together a marketing strategy to best engage with your customers. From post generation to online video, we can help you every step of the way.

Our social media audit service doesn’t just look at your social media. We’ll evaluate your SEO and website too in order to give you a full digital health report of all of your services. We have worked with some of the largest brands to help them ensure that their social media marketing campaigns not only adopt a best-practice approach, but remain innovative, engaging, and deliver the returns that they really want.
Looking after your social media channels can be time consuming, but our expert social media managers know exactly how to build up an audience, increase engagement levels, and distribute content through the most effective networks available.
Our social media agency can take that headache away from you with our ability to manage the entire social media advertising process from one central point. We know how important it is to react quickly to changes, issues and opportunities within every sector, and this is why every client who uses us to manage their social media advertising has a dedicated contact point.
Videos are massively important to your digital footprint. Users love to see instructional videos as well as streaming events showcasing products. We can get you hitting the ground running with artwork, process and even editing of your videos to get the best impact with users.
Clients we work for

Our most recent projects

Glenroy Calisthenics

A simple WordPress site with a slider, teacher page and brand styling

Universal Studios: Domestic

A simple 4 page website for a theme park for auditions of characters

Urban Collective

This is a WordPress and wooCommerce site built for the company Urban Collective Footwear. It was built off a pre-existing design with some modifications made to the overall layout to fit on smaller devices.

Living Hope Family Church

A local church that needed online management and multimedia services.
We also do custom development

Find your custom solution today!

If you don’t have a website or software that works for you then you are missing out on the best employee you will hire.

Has your company ever wanted a single place they can keep important information? Has there been a custom feature or function that you wanted to add to your website? Whatever the task, big or small, we can help you build it. We will work with you to plan out the system or custom functionality to then gradually roll it into your workflow.

We don’t just dive in head first, we sit down with you and your staff to map out the perfect system for you. We take on board everyone’s requirements then work with you to prioritize what’s important and build you a platform you can be proud of. Book in your time now!

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