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SpiderCat Studios is a Digital Agency based in Melbourne, Australia.
We pride ourselves on delivering top quality digital solutions across multiple media and marketing communications

We Are SpiderCat Studios

At SpiderCat Studios, we do the hard work getting your website up and running, so you can focus on doing what you love.

We’ve got the technical and creative savvy to have your website looking great and working hard for you, with marketing and design support to compliment your new website, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is what you’re going to do with all those new customers.

At SpiderCat Studios

We produce websites, e-commerce stores, online marketing and can provide graphic design services for all of your advertising and branding needs. A quick glance at our many and varied sites will reveal the latest coding technology to keep your business ahead of the pack across all devices, and we ensure that your site is Search Engine Optimised (SEO), to draw in the customers and visitors most suited to you, and that’s half of the work!

What we do

We can help with any digital work you might need. From Websites to Video Production, from Graphic Design to EDMs. We can help your business in any way that it needs.

Website Development and Design

We build your site from scratch. Using Wordpress, we build fully functional and responsive themes. Everything is custom built for your business.

Graphic Design

From brand identities to printed brochures, we can design and print anything your business needs.


Using either Magento or CS-Cart, we can build you an eCommerce platform fully connected to various payment gateways, shipping services or your own inventory system.

Social Media and EDMs

Connecting with your customers can sometimes be a minefield. We can help navigate you and set you up for success on any social platform or EDM.

Custom Development

Have a specific function in mind for your website or would like an online portal from your business? We can help you with applications from custom plugins to fully customized portals. We can also build and connect to API's to make your life easier.

Video Production

Online video is a great way to visually show your customer your product. From promotional material to step by step guides, we can help you get your video from initial concept to final release.

Our Work

Our portfolio is as diverse as the skills of our crew. There are a lot more folio items on the crew’s individual folio sites.

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X-Men with pure CSS

This cool script created by Ryan Spilhaus, shows us that we don’t need to use images or javascript to build awesome looking pages. [advanced_iframe securitykey=”c808bbb6828cb48649d5466b9c1fc7a5810394e3″ src=”http://codepen.io/rspilhaus/full/LWZYOp/”] This page built purely with CSS, shows off not only the x-men but also their powers. With a cool design and animations of each characters powers, this script shows us … Continued

What is ‘clickbait’?

This is a topic that I think not everyone knows about but are affected by it all the time. The term you need to remember here is ‘clickbait’. Now this is both an annoying feature on sites but also an art form. The basic idea of ‘clickbait’ is that you are making a link or … Continued

WordPress Tutorials: How to install WordPress

Want to know how to install WordPress? This video will teach you everything you need you need to know about installing wordpress on your website.

What does it mean to go viral

This term get thrown around a lot and most of the time people don’t really know what it means for something to go viral. They think if something has a lot of views means that it has gone viral. For something to go viral it needs to become very popular by circulating quickly from person … Continued