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A freelance network agency based in Australia

Who are we?

SpiderCat Studios is a new type of agency called a “Freelance Network Agency”, simply put we are a network of freelance Multimedia Designers, Developers and Creatives ready to work for you. We specialise in website development/design, graphic design, website maintenance, video production & far more listed on our services page.

Established in 2014 and located in Melbourne, Australia, we provide powerful, cost effective digital solutions for businesses in Australia and around the world. We can provide such a detailed customer focus and low price because we are not a typical studio. We have been building from scratch to make ourselves the best digital agency in Australia. We soon came to realise that we didn’t want to be like everyone else so we started with the idea that was to become SpiderCat Studios.

SpiderCat Studios hosts a large network of freelancers and designers to help you get the highest quality work at the lowest price. Where we differ from other agencies is that we don’t have a single office in one location or a large office with 50 workers. Rather SpiderCat Studios is a collection of freelancers that work where you need them to work. Not only this you can choose which freelancer you want to work with. You can see our full network of freelancers here.

You will recognize the positive difference SpiderCat Studios can make in the potential of your business thanks to our common-sense approach, down to Earth language, & the exceptional results we deliver. As we stay in constant contact with you through every level of a project, we are obtainable anytime.

What is a Freelance Network Agency?

A Freelance Network Agency or FNA is a term we coined. The basic concept of an FNA is “don’t worry, i know a guy”. We are an agency that employs freelancers and no matter what digital or printed work you need done, we have someone that can help. We have a core management team that works with your project from start to finish and uses our large network of freelancers to complete your project.

Our core management team have years of experience in their different fields and have only picked the best of the best to join our network. They look for local talented freelancers that meet our high quality standards. The other benefit of this kind of agency and setup is the low cost. You get all this quality at about a third of the cost of going with a regular agency. There is no project to big or small that our team can’t help with.

Quality of an agency with the cost of a freelancer

Our freelancers all have a level of agency experience. We are also set up much like how an agency would be. Through SpiderCat Studios you are getting the same quality of work that you would typically get from an agency at a third of the cost.

"They are probably just a one man band"

I mean have you seen a one man band? Those guys are extremely talented… We are not a one man band but rather the same band with rotating musicians. Need an extra drummer? Don’t worry we know a guy. Need a wind section? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. No matter what you need we are your toolkit to use to get you results.

Many experts under many roofs

We are not just all sitting under one roof, we are sitting under many. This means where ever you are we can be as well (and might already be). Need a photographer in a different country? We can do that for you. Want to start marketing to an overseas market? Just tell us what country and we can get you started.

Why us?

SpiderCat Studio’s aim is customer satisfaction. We accomplish our aim with a combination of web based expertise, product excellence, and proactive, ongoing, client-oriented customer support. SpiderCat Studios provide all of your business needs both offline & online. As our workers are freelancers, you get the agency experience and agency quality at the rate of a freelancer making your next online project more affordable.

So whats with the name?

You are probably thinking what’s with the name SpiderCat Studios? Well when trying to think of a name we wanted to be unique and stand out but we couldn’t come up with one we liked. Then our internet-famous office cats started to climb the wall and someone yelled out ‘Look its spidercat’ then the company name was born. It was the perfect blend of creativity and use of the network ‘web’ that we wanted our business to be. Also cats are very friendly, intelligent and focused animals.

Meet our team

Joshua Curci

CEO and TechWizard

Meet Joshua

I have 12+ years of experience in the industry, ranging from network and office setup to building online websites and planning full business infrastructures. Using my expertise, I strive to understand your business and create a tailored platform that meets your needs. My specialization lies in WordPress and CS-Cart, but I also excel in developing custom systems and integrations. Beyond web development, I can assist you with video content, graphics, social media, and various online requirements.

Aside from my professional pursuits, I have a passion for video games and movies. I stay up to date with the latest releases and trends in both mediums. Basketball is another interest of mine, and I closely follow the NBA, NFL, and AFL. Swimming and surfing are activities I enjoy, and I make it a point to engage in them as often as possible. Furthermore, writing is a personal joy of mine, and I maintain an online blog on my blogging website. On my Youtube page, you can find my experimentation with effects tests, although limited hardware sometimes prevents my ideas from fully coming to life.

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