Custom Development and Web Apps

If you don’t have a website or software that works for you then you are missing out on the best employee you will hire.

Help streamline your workflow

Has your company ever wanted a single place they can keep important information? Has there been a custom feature or function that you wanted to add to your website? Whatever the task, big or small, we can help you build it. We will work with you to plan out the system or custom functionality to then gradually roll it into your workflow.

Platform Brainstorming and Function Mapping

We don’t just dive in head first, we sit down with you and your staff to map out the perfect system for you. We take on board everyone’s requirements then work with you to prioritize what’s important and build you a platform you can be proud of. 

The customization will work for you, with report generation, inventory management, data management, data calculations and much more. We program every aspect from the ground up to make sure your system is your system, no need to worry about expensive ongoing licence costs, you own it.

Software by any other name...

This web based software or customization can go by many different names:

  • Intranet
  • Outranet
  • Portal
  • App or Web App
  • Online Software
  • Bespoke customization
  • Add-on
  • Plugin

Whatever you want to call it, we can build it. Even if you have an already existing system we can help improve or update it.

Ongoing support and Licencing

The benefit of a custom built platform is that they are 100% owned by you. You might have connections to 3rd party software but the core code is yours. This means no licencing costs and you can add and upgrade parts of the platform at any time.

We also provide ongoing support and updates for all portals and platforms we build. This way you can ensure that your system is always up to date and running the way it needs to.

Some cool custom projects our freelancers have worked on?

Security Incident Portal

This custom portal is an on the go reporting tool. Allowing the security personnel to report incidents to their live database for quick reporting and communication for events. They can export reports and even have data displayed to them based on location, common offenders and multiple other useful reporting.

Community and Volunteer Portal

An online social networking site connecting the elderly community to people offering to help. Items can also be placed on the site as a donation for people to borrow while they need use for that item. It is a fully customized portal that integrates with WordPress. It also uses the google map API to show the street 'hot spots' meaning it will show the streets that are offering the most help for people.

Car inventory management portal

A custom CS-Cart website that has a fair amount of customization added in for the portal and utilizes the multiple storefront component of CS-Cart to deliver the separately branded online stores. It provided up to date data of remaining parts in a car and what was available to sell. Customers could then pick individual parts or the whole car. It would also store the location in the car yard so that the client could easily locate and ‘pick’ the relevant part.

Returnable Product Tracker

A custom built Laravel portal with a service worker, to track the delivery and pickup of seedling frames. There are a number of graphical and reporting functions on the site which are used to provide a ‘one look’ information screen that gives the client an overview of assets. With a service worker that allows for offline use and data entry that is later synced.

Health Management Portal

Online portal to track and manage customer health information for life and health insurance. It allows doctors and nurses to view and schedule appointments. It also allows customers to see their medical history as well as results. The report generation tool takes the live data and provides a report on any particular patient the doctor may have. These reports are also provided to the insurance company in a more restricted fashion.

Disclaimer: Some of these projects were not worked on by SpiderCat Studios directly but our freelancers have worked on them. The names and titles used are pseudonyms and any relation is completely coincidental.

Have something in mind or want to brainstorm an idea?

Well get into contact with us to organise a free brainstorming session to work out what you need. We will work with you to map out your system.

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