Website Development

A website is like a fingerprint, it should be unique to you and easily identify with your business.

A custom website that’s unique to your brand

We make sure that every website build is different, we custom build from the ground up to make sure your site fits your needs.

You name it and we can built it

There is nothing out of reach when it comes to website functionality. It all comes down to time and budget. We have freelancers that have built enterprise level portals all the way down to single html pages. We have built API integrations and connections to CRMs that have helped multiple businesses grow.

We are experts in CS-Cart and Modern WordPress and will help you bring your next idea forward. From membership portals, member organisations, restricted resources and even large scale paid magazines. Talk to us about what you need done or fixed up.

Content Management System

We have been building websites for a long time and know what your site needs. It should be lean and mean, load quickly, look great on any device and leave your visitors feeling good. If your website is frustrating to use it will impact the amount of time your user spends on the site and returns to the site. If it’s also difficult for you to update your content then you will be wasting too much time making changes and not enough on your business.

Our go to management system is WordPress but not like you have seen before. It’s a modern build with a more up to date structure that still makes it easy to use but also very secure and fast.

Security and Safety are number one

We understand the importance of designing a site for a purpose and to improve the user experience. With SpiderCat Studios, no pixel will be out of place or without reason. We combine our collective technical skill set along with our combined experience of coming up with creative solutions to build your online presence. 

We are constantly looking, learning and adapting to produce results and make your business grow but you would never know it. We ensure that our design covers all of this but is still a work of art. Your design won’t look like it came out of the box or is made from boxes. We push the design outside the box to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our Web Development Services

Responsive Development

Our sites are 100% responsive meaning that no matter what device you are looking at, the website will look great.

Custom Website Development

We build sites using a modern approach to development so that your site is not like everyone else

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not something that is just added on afterwards, it has to be ingrained into your site from day one. We ensure that this happens.

WordPress and Woocomerce

Our ‘go-to’ CMS is WordPress for website builds. We customize it to the point that you can’t tell it’s WordPress anymore.

CS-Cart and Laravel Builds

Anything custom or e-commerce we use these platforms. In fact we are one of the best CS-Cart experts based in Australia.

Third Party API Integration

We know you have other platforms that connect up other aspects of your business. We can hook your site up to these to ensure your business workflow is uninterrupted.

Website Maintenance

Like a car, a website needs regular maintenance. We can make sure that your site is kept up to date and running smoothly. Think of it as changing your website's oil.

24/7 Security

As our number one priority, we have 24/7 monitoring and alerts so that both us and you know what is going on.

Website Hosting

We use top of the line and Australian based hosting to host your website. We also manage all aspects of your hosting so that you aren't wasting your time waiting.

Not sure if we can help?

Well we look forward to proving we can. Get into contact with us below for a no cost assessment of your needs and a free quote.

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